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XIII Days Of Poetry
2016 Edition
2013 Edition
2012 Edition
2011 Edition
2010 Edition

Stopping by Life
Creative Baby Names
Dreams of a Me that will never be
Silence Soft and Darkness Tender
On Dreams
Past the Primrose Path
Frozen Dessert Bungalow
Scent Memory
Sixteen Thoughts that came After
Sonnet 1
The Fox
"What I Might Have Done"
Bread of Life
Jealousy's Realm
Three Limericks about Boobies!
Left, is only the surrender
Pain and Misery
Dream Song, asked and answered
Clinging Hope
I remember every broken heart
If Roses were...
Flowing through the shadows of the night
Come, gentle Moonlight
Felis Silversteinis
More the Fool, I
Dulcis Persica
Addicted to the Pain
Upon a slender stalk
When God Sleeps

When I Died

Like a Dove

The Other 45 Ways To Leave Your Lover
Whispered Silence
Voicemail Masquerade

The way lovers do
The Kiss After Crimson
Undreamt Glory
Passion Bound
Burn the World to the Ground
You Loved Me on a Thursday
Yet still I whisper
The bright hues of Yesterday
Indigo Volcanoes
He waits for her by the river
For they have not yet forgotten how
Yea, though you hide among thorns
22 Suprising Things You Can Do With Your Llama
By the End of Tomorrow
Sweet Sweat
When They Say....
Twenty-Two Days, Eight Minutes
What I think of when I hear hoofbeats
When Someone Says They Love Me

Slip Loose the Shackles
Silver and Smoke
'ere I slip....
Sing the Song of Night
Seething Passion || Purest Felt
Spider Rage Chronicles
I like 'em (breast cancer awareness poem)
soft love, spoken in shadow
Lasting Impression
On the first day after the world ended
Pain descends on demons' dark wings
On Cave Wall
One More Shattered Dream
Sit Silent in the Tall Grass
Stopping by her on a hungry evening
Give me peace this night
Halfway up the mountain trail
Julie Andrews is a Punk
carry away
Broken Window
Does He
Coraleiya tavandar
Sifting over Memory and Bone
The Castle in My Heart
The Hardest Part
Thin Ice
Call out to the Stars
Go down to the great flowing river
Clouded Vision 
The Ballad of Rennratt
Death of a Small Town
Malaise Blues
What I wouldn't give

Psalm 30:5 - A Rebuttal
When I say your name
Always Remember
Four questions asked to an aged tree
All I Ever Am
Broken Castle
I want one day
Breve Ambessa
Luna Rosa
Falling Star
The Ballad of Dusky Rose
Spinner's Tale
Travel Down That Road
In Sorrow's Embrace (v.0)
As long as it takes (Guest Poet)
Floor Monsters
The Rider
I don't mind your darkness
In The Gloaming
Missing Beat
Hidden Scars
She was a Princess too
Stuffys 4 Life!
Unwoven Tapestry
By the time I get to Patagonia
Together in the dark
Roses are....
Full Tide
Bloodsong  (Guest Poet)
Thoughts of her while drifting to sleep
A shadow falls
Falling Into Darkness 
Take me away from everything that is not you
InvocationForbidden Colors
A Woman of Long-ago Me
Anacrusis Itare
By the Gate
In The StillnessBorn in a Garden
Tell Me Why
No Taste for My Reign
Seeking Grace
Question Posted to Her on a Rainy Afternoon
The quiet agony of hidden shame
Her Elegance is Back
Angel's Reflection 

Lonely Wish  (Guest Poet)
Broken-Down Bench in a Concrete Gazebo

Fallen Into Shadow
In Sorrow's Embrace
Mirrored Desire 
Because Loathing Should Rhyme
Prisoners of Time
Come Now, Darkest Angel 

Why Does the Lamb's Blood Shimmer? 
Shimmering Sadness 

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