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An avalanche is quite an amazing sight. 
The smallest event can cause half a mountain to take flight.
An avalanche starts with an tiny audible CRACK.
Then the echo, another echo, another echo reverberating back 
and forth between immovable rocks. 
The final push can be quite small - that causes the shock,
the one that brings the mountain tumbling down;
until nothing is left but the echo of sound. 

I hardly need make you the analogy 
of relationships gone awry - surely you see?

Instead, I point out the most curious thing 
about the mighty avalanche, the snow's undoing.
'Twere the snow to fall on just snow, it would indeed fall,
(you know, what with gravity and all);
But shortly the snow would absorb and be drawn
into the very mountain it was falling upon. 
What's so curious - 'twere you to ask my opinion (and you 'twere) - 
is that snow falls so fast that air gets trapped underneath the blur.
That air literally has nowhere to go, 
and it sits there, unwilling buffer between mountain and snow. 
Bouyed by the buffer of air, the falling snow has free reign, 
and rides this air a long long way down, a frozen hydroplane.

I will leave you to think over the analogous implications, 
and be astounded at the amazing avalanche (and its frozen transmutations).

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