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[This poem was done in collaboration. My friend Alexis-Rueal (who writes for TV Warrior) suggested the idea of Brother and Sister - War and Peace - talking to each other. She wanted separate voices. It sounded interesting so I said I would give it a shot if I could be War, know, it me....The poem turned out pretty well, Our biggest disagreement was over the title. I kept calling it "SisterBrotherPeacyWarryPoemThingy," which I STILL like, but eventually we found one that evokes the needed pathos, mythos and ethos of the two voices.  Enjoy]

What have you done to the children? 
Women wail a mourning song as
young ones bleed the rivers red. 

Eyes once filled with sun sparkle
are empty as unending night--
their innocence is gone...

What have you done to the children? 
They've forgotten how to love each other, 
despair is all that they recall. 

I weep now for the children. 
They know not the spells of our mother,
only the curse of Father dark.

Give me the children, Brother,
so they may see a new world dawn. 
Let me have the children,
so I may teach Aurora's song.

Hear the Drums - they are calling
Feel their THRUM echo in your bones
Heartbeat of Civilization

Cry for lost youth and shattered dreams
A silly girl's silly game
As well tell the Sun not to rise

Hear the Earth groaning for battle
You cannot quench the fires of blood-lust
As old and implacable as Time

Without Death, there is no Rebirth
Without Toil there is no growth
Destruction is Creation

Teach the children your song of Peace, Sister
Warsong already flows through their veins
You wish to see a new world dawn
Morning follows Night, and always will

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