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[Explanation - the other day my sister was feeling down, so I got some Chinese food and watched TV with her. We watched some Comedian who did a white-boy rap under the name "Dragon Boy Suede." (I swear I'm not making this up, and if you must know, his D.J. was "Scratchatory Rape.") Anyway, we alternated between Dragon Boy Suede and some movie on MTV called "How She Move," sort of an inner-city "Step Up." Inspired, I went into my room and wrote the first two verses of what I hoped would be that day's poem. I never got any further, and forgot about it until just a couple of hours ago, when I wrote the third verse and had to stop because I was laughing so hard - my back being in such fragile shape - the laughter was causing me massive pain. In order to appreciate this poem (a work in progress, that I may or may not complete one day, depending on popular demand), you HAVE to imagine me rapping it. It's the only way my beatz and rhymez will flow straight. You pickin' up what I be puttin' down?]

My name is Aitch and I'm here to say
I rock the Poem, like Ev-er-y day
No one can touch me, no one comes close:
(I mean it; I got like a thing with people in my personal space, and if you hover I'm liable to scrape you like burnt toast.)

[Dume-ch-ch doo-doo-Doo-doo, 
Dume-ch-ch doo-doo-Deeeee-doo]

I been in the Word Game nigh on a decade 
(It ain't no Guitar but it does help me get laid)
I speak my words smooth, the chikas do swoon
(They give up the panties, & sometimes the poon)

[Dume-ch-ch doo-doo-Doo-doo, 
Dume-ch-ch doo-doo-Deeeee-doo]

Me and my Homies are in a fly Crew
We're all about ThugLife and keepin' it True,
Just the other day my stuffed lion hurt his paw
But did he cry? No! He just went Awwwww....
Yeah! we the baddest Crew there ever did be,
Me and my Stuffies, rockin' the beatz
All the dudes want to be us, all the girlies want to be with,
We're like the sweetness of an Orange - with none of the pith!

Stuffys 4 Life!  Stuffys 4 Life!  Stuffys 4 Life!  Stuffys 4 Life!

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1 comment:

jadriana said...

just read this for like the 10th time - still makes me laugh. Can hear you with the awwwwww---yeah part. It's stuck in my head now. :)



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