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Seeking Grace

Seeking Grace, needing its protection, the soft enveloping comfort that imparts dignity, that sense of well-being, the feeling of acceptance and harmony that everything will be okay. 

Seeking Grace, but not finding it, the self-defeating goal of reaching for what cannot be grasped, what cannot be obtained, but only granted. 

Seeking Grace, as salvation, in any and every sense of the word; Grace would allow redemption and atonement, a Light on the Path to find the way Home; Grace does not wash away all sin, but makes it okay to live with the failure, to keep going, to regain focus on the prize.

Seeking Grace, in desperation, bordering on resignation, knowing it is not there but seeking it with every last stir of breath anyway, for that's how we go down: pathetically empathetically Seeking Grace

April 11, 2010
Written from 5:44 - 6:26 p.m., while watching Tiger Woods struggle (and ultimately fail) to win the Masters.

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