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Come Now, Darkest Angel

Come now, Darkest Angel;
Return through the smoke, 

and the haze, on
Wings tipped crimson, 

now carmine, 
in the fading light.
Come now, Darkest Angel;
Return their slings, 

and arrows dipped in embers with
Molten Fury from Eyes of Ice, 

and Breath of Obsidian Fire.
Yours is the magic of Kings, 
and Queens, and Lions of the Desert, 
who never forgot where they came from, 
and Never forgot they were Lions.
Yours is the magic of Avalon, 

and Mag Mell, and Moura Encantada, 
who guarded the Secret, 
and the Treasure, and
Never broke the Spell.

Come now, Darkest Angel;
Yours is the magic of the Void--
Return to us 

cloaked in Glory, 
and Honor, and
Never again leave your Home.

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