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Luna Rosa


Sweet Luna Rosa, I call out for you. 
Where are you, Child of Magic, 
                                          Daughter of Secrets, 
                                                                Holder of my Heart?

Luna Rosa, Highlady of the ebony-ribboned heavens, 
Sweetest of gemstones that sparkle in the night, 
Grant me now my request: regail me with slow, 
Seductive tale of your body, that I might ever be blessed.

Deep in Night's Shadow I yearn for you. 
Even more than your body, 
I hunger to know your mind. 
The ache of your       a  b  s  e  n  c  e 
Carries more than others' presence. 

I wish to hold you in the enveloping Darkness, 
Held anchor by your glow.  Luna Rosa, 
I yearn to know every nuance of how you tremble. 
I want to taste you. I want to lick 
The Sweat, and 
                                   The Night
Off your skin.  
Your petals are thick with Night's dew;
This also I crave. 

I want to be in your dream, 
As you surely are in mine. 
What do roses kissed by the Moon's soft Light 
Dream of in the cool hum of Night?  

Pierce that dream, Luna Rosa, 
                                  Pierce the Night.  
                                                     Pierce the Silence 
With your desire, your need fulfilled.  

Hear me say your name, Luna Rosa, 
Make me whisper it over and over and over again.  
Let me protect your sweet delicate fragile beauty while you rest. 

I am here for you, Luna Rosa.  
Always remember that, as you 
Remember the Moon's feathered kisses on your skin in the Night. 

for Selene

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