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The Quiet Agony of Hidden Shame

The quiet agony of hidden shame,
hidden pain,
hidden blame.

Unending Rain -
not the refreshing kind,
the kind that leaves the land
looking, smelling and feeling clean.
Instead, Rain that brings humidity, discomfort,
a subtle difference in the air.

Which soon shifts -
Rain that goes from a needed quenching
of the ground's thirst to an
Water will lie stagnant on the ground
even after the Rain ends.

Which it does not.

That Rain -
unyielding, unrelenting, wave after wave after wave after wave;
It keeps hidden the blame, pain, and shame....
But agony, even quiet, is always felt.
Felt deep, penetrating:
a shiver that settles into sinew and bone.

And promises to never go away.

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