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You've never shut me out before. 
You've always let me share your pain. 
Even when there was nothing I could do to make it better. 
Even when I was the cause of it. 
It's always been us against the world. 

Now I look across the chasm into emptiness. 
Into nothing.
Into silence. 
I don't know what it means. 
I do know what it means. 
No, I don't know what it means. 

I imagine horrible things. 
I talk myself out of them. 
I imagine worse. 

There is almost no worse feeling than bracing for the Inevitable, 
unable to stop it, knowing it's coming, just not when.
Or what.

It's always been us against the world. 
Now I'm just another part of the world. 

Maybe not. 
Probably not. 
I'm sure that's my selfish thinking, making it too much 
about me and not realzing all you're going through. 
But when you don't know you imagine. 
The mind can't take the emptiness. 
It fills in the cracks. 
We perceive Silence as Assault. 
Even when we know we shouldn't. 

I'm here, standing vigil, keeping the watch. 
Let me in. 
Let me in.

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