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Together in the Dark


Together in the Dark
Quiet conspiratorial conversation that only lovers know.  

She keeps her voice low, but urgent.
"I was yelling at you for your implication! 
I was yelling at you for taking my craziness and using it against me. 
Mostly I was yelling at you for thinking, even for a second, 
that I would ever ever ever treat you like anyone else. 
When I never let people see me, who do I let inside my head?  
Who do I trust and tell things to I don't tell others?  
Who else would I even offer to help simply because 
the idea of you being w/out made me so sad that I couldn't speak, 
but the idea that you would be sad made me want to die?"

He grins at her, trying to make her smile. 
"I'm not someone who loves, 
at least not very easily, 
but if I loved someone, 
it'd be you. 
But for now, let's just say 
I don't wish you any specific harm."

She hits him in the chest - but gently, and nuzzles on his shoulder.
She rubs his back and purrs against him, 
making peace with the soft heat of her body, 
letting him know it is okay.

He confesses how badly he hurts sometimes. 
He always puts up a brave front, 
but finally admits his frailty, 
and she sees how much it frightens him, 
that his body could fail him in such a way. 
Her heart aches for him, 
but then he says something that makes it stop beating. 

"When the pain is at its worst, 
I find my comfort, my anchor, my rock, 
my reason for hanging on 
in thoughts of you, 
in thoughts of us."

She takes his face in her hands, holding very still, 
and even in the Dark he can see how serious she is. She says, 
"Take me now. Impale me. So deeply I can never leave. 
I can't take away your pain. I'll join you in it."

He rolls her over, growling:
"I want the taste of your skin on my tongue. 
I want the scent of you filling my head and making me buzz. 
I want my hands gently, then roughly grasping your body. 
I want you to tremble in the darkness as I reach for you. 
I want you."

For a time, they don't speak.
There are sounds they both make, 
urgent sounds, even desperate.
Then content. 
But through it, they don't speak. 
They have no need. 

Later, holding her, he tells her, 
"Here, in the dark, 
in the stillness of time and space, 
I feel our souls entwine, and whatever else, 
I know it This is real."

She whispers back, 
"In the darkest hour of the night I hear you. 
Though sound you don't make, and sleep you don't wake, 
I hear you, and I respond."

There is no talk then for awhile, 
as desire again takes over, 
not the urgent need of lust, 
but the deeper well of a loneliness shared, 
an existence together, 
apart from all time and space.  
Words are no longer audible, 
as passion is the only language they speak.

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jadriana said...

Can't speak. Just a "sigh" will have to suffice. Very good. :)

Unknown said...

Not evensure how I stumbled upon this...glad I did.

Hyperion said...

Thank you.



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