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As long as it takes


As long as it takes
(guest poet -  Jadriana)

The wind carried his scent; filling her lungs, 
Her thoughts, her soul. Cruel fate 
Kept them apart. Every beat of her heart 
Renewed its promise to match his rhythm. 
His voice carried on the Wind, a whisper 
Finding it's way to her ear:
"As long as it takes, I will find you."

Standing alone she stares into the distance, 
Beyond to a fading memory. Catching the 
Moonlight, a single tear traces her soft face 
Before falling. Her heart, steadfast in her 
Love for him, slowly starts to fear what 
Has been forming in her mind; that she will
Never have his arms around her keeping her safe.
"As long as it takes, I will find you."

She moves in the shadows with the 
Purpose of finding her Love. 
Holding the memory when he stood 
Before her, eyes burning into hers.
The heat of his gaze spurs her on. 
She will never give up; for her love 
Is as deep and vast as the oceans and will 
only grow with every beat of her heart. 
She must be with him in body and soul, 
Or die like a fading star in the night's sky...
"As long as it takes, I will find you."

Across the miles she can feel his essence, the
Longing in her heart a sorrow she nearly cannot bear.
She is waiting for the sign to guide her, 
To bring her to him for all eternity; 
Without him she is lost....forever.
"As long as it takes, I will find you.  As long as it takes...."

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