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When I say your name

When I say your name - if only for the 
few brief seconds it takes to conjure, 
sitting lusciously within my mind's reach, 
then pour out of my throat, flow off my
tongue, slip between my teeth, linger 
on my lips and hover in the air - for 
those few seconds the pain is less, 
I don't hurt as much, and for that, 
I thank you. 

[the painting is "Miranda" by John William Waterhouse]

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jadriana said...

Lovely. :)

Lisa Bradley said...

You write beautifully.

Hyperion said...

Aye - I regularly win penmanship awards.

(The classier thing to do would be to just say thank you, but I'll choke their rivers with my dead before I adopt any civilizin' ways.)



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