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The Mighty Wasp


{I made a deal with someone: provide me with any picture, and I will write a 89-word story about it. Below is what I was given, and what I came up with. Try not to get stung}


Behold the mighty wasp. Unmatched in flight and fury. Bringer of pain and death. Destroyer of worlds. 

So easily the mighty wasp flits on the precipice, prepared to enter, to conquer, to rule. 

But this is no wasp hive hole, nor is there easy meat inside the scratched, weathered wood. 

There is destruction past these parts, but destruction for the wasp alone.  

So enter, conquering giant, enter and discover that not all pain is inflicted by thee, but on thee, too. 

Enter and discover the end, o' mighty wasp.

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